Pure. Raw. Honey.

World Honey Market produces raw, local honey products while pollinating America. We are committed to healthier lives & tastier treats.

Founded by Passion

John's dedication to beekeeping and entrepreneurship dates back to High School, when he first decided to purchase a few hives. After realizing the potential and leaving his job for beekeeping he found great enjoyment and success. Meeting new people and gradually expanding his opportunities, he soon decided to found World Honey Market in the pursuit of bringing honey from around the world to consumers anywhere.
John Peterson

The Worker Bee

Beekeeping is incredibly labor intensive, not to mention the constant possibility of being stung. Although other honey companies may try to convince you that they are beekeepers, generally they buy their honey wholesale and mark up the value by nearly 400% . John produces his honey locally and 100% naturally with no additives to guarantee pure raw honey.

We Demand Great

Our Honey gets its unique and distinctive taste/color variations from the nectar of Gallberry plants, Citrus Orange Blossoms, Palmetto bushes, and Spanish Needle collected by the bees. We have personal relationships with the individuals who provide us with the honeys we don’t produce that are made in different parts of the world. Our world-wide products are inspected and tested before release to ensure that we live up to our guarantee of 100% natural, pure raw honey.

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